Lucky to Live Hawaii

Yep, it’s true! Please, don’t hate me. I live next to Waimanalo Beach on the Windward side of the beautiful island of Oahu, the gathering place. I love swimming in the ocean, hiking in the mountains,[…]

Nobody Here but us Chickens

New from Anne Carey, Coming Soon! When being loyal to the family means either kill or be killed, coming of age presents some extra challenges. Pulled into “the life” of the Detroit Mafia against his[…]

Simple Eats Magazine August 2016

Coming Soon on 8-1-16! The August 2016 issue of Simple Eats Magazine is full of 5 ingredient {or less} recipes for no-cook meals, farmers’ market fresh produce, grilling, and lower calorie desserts with sugar-free options.[…]

Think like a Screenwriter Show Don’t Tell

Show don’t tell…it’s the golden rule of screenwriting. After all, movies are visual journeys with action moving the story along. Think of your favorite films, the ones that keep you glued to the edge of[…]

Joseph Campbell’s Hero Myth

Joseph John Campbell was an American mythologist, writer and lecturer whose body of work covers the varied aspects of the human condition. His philosophy is often paraphrased as, follow your bliss. In 1949, he made[…]